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mate-mono strong bag big shoulder #1

mate-mono strong bag big shoulder #1

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"Strong bag" made from spectator seats from an "outdoor stadium"

A durable and lightweight synthetic leather bag made from surplus material used in outdoor stadium seats.
It has excellent surface strength and durability, is resistant to scratches, and has a soft touch that is unique to soft leather.
Since it is sewn from a single piece of fabric, it is so light that you won't believe it has a large capacity.

With a size that fits A4 size paper and two pockets, it can store a lot of luggage.
With dot buttons that can be easily opened and closed, and the user-friendliness that makes it easy to carry over your shoulder, it is useful in all kinds of situations.
《About the material》
It is a very strong material that does not deteriorate even in high-temperature environments exposed to direct sunlight, is resistant to abrasion and friction, and can withstand the sharp beaks of birds hunting for leftover food from spectators.




Main body (laying flat): 40cm long x 50cm wide

Bottom: Width 28.5cm x Depth 20cm

Shoulder string: length 63cm x width 5cm

*There may be slight variations depending on the product.


100% polyester (surface polyurethane laminate)

* Avoid storing the product when it is dirty, in a humid place, or in a place exposed to direct sunlight.

* Please do not leave wet items in contact with the product for a long time as there is a possibility of color transfer.

* Please note that embroidery is not available.

*Please note that the color of the actual product may look slightly different depending on your monitor environment.

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