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yoyo ROOM SHOES FLUFFY [Pre-order item limited time coupon 15% OFF<hmchxngq> ]</hmchxngq>

yoyo ROOM SHOES FLUFFY [Pre-order item limited time coupon 15% OFF<hmchxngq> ]</hmchxngq>

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  • WHITE / S(22cm-25.5cm)
  • WHITE / L(26cm-27.5cm)
  • BLACK / S(22cm-25.5cm)
  • BLACK / L(26cm-27.5cm)

15% OFF with limited time coupon


[Pre-order item] *Delivery time is scheduled for early February*

``yoyo'' room shoes have sold over 60,000 pairs in Korea.

*This product is not eligible for sale.

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★Recommended for GIFT★

Room shoes that can be washed, dried, and washed all year round.

Featured in many celebrities and media

A fluffy material version of YOYO's room shoes is now available

Have you ever experienced that when you wash and dry your shoes, the inner sole becomes deformed and becomes difficult to wear?

However, Yoyo's room shoes have to be washed by hand for the first time, but they are extremely durable and will not deform even after washing and drying from the second time onwards .

Therefore, you can wear them all year round regardless of the four seasons, so you don't have to worry about replacing them every season, and there is no need to waste money .



By using towel fabric material, you can feel the soft texture that wraps around your feet. Therefore, you can feel comfortable wearing it even with bare feet.


The sole has a built-in 10mm high-density sponge that provides a different cushioning experience than regular sponge, and the use of EVA material that prevents the slippers from deforming even after long periods of wear reduces fatigue on the feet. The structure is designed to minimize discomfort and strain.


The back of the sole is coated with a 6mm diamond pattern to make it less slippery, making it even more comfortable to wear.

Now on sale in a box perfect for gifts
GIFT BOX [yoyo ROOM SHOES limited] %E3%82%B9yoyo%E5%95%86%E5%93%81%E9%99%90%E5%AE%9A

◾️Color: White/Black

◾️Size: S, L 2 sizes available

S size Recommended dimensions (22cm-25cm) Total length: 27.5cm

L size Recommended dimensions (26cm - 27.5cm) Total length: 29.8cm

◾️Country of origin: South Korea

*Size numbers are for reference only.
*The color of the actual product may differ depending on your monitor settings, room lighting, etc.

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